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Alarm monitoring

What are the Benefits of Alarm Monitoring Services?

Alarm monitoring service is a must-have for every residential and commercial building. It is beneficial in increasing the resident’s safety and protecting the building from any potential damages. It involves instant communication between your building’s security system and a central station of the company providing security and monitoring services. The security company, once alerted, is going to take appropriate steps that can involve notifying the right authorities and initiating proper response to the type of alarm. Let’s explore how this service works.

Alarm Monitoring Centre

The central monitoring station of your security company monitors different types of alarms including fire, burglar, and other residential alarm systems.  Such an agency can also provide you with patrol services. The agency makes use of various communication technologies to monitor your security systems. They will alert the right authorities if there is an alarm. When choosing the right company, it is important to look for those which have been certified by independent organisations that have strict compliance requirements.

When choosing an alarm monitoring service, consider these points:

  • They follow all the industry standard regulations
  • They provide higher levels and range of services
  • They are not owned by companies that may have a conflict of interest with you or your company (if you are a business)
  • Automated alarm monitoring stations should adhere to the latest data and privacy regulations for storing and processing your data

Technical Aspects of Alarm Monitoring

The technical aspects can vary from one security service provider to another. However, the fundamentals of alarm monitoring are mostly same in a residential security system. The control panel is at the hub of a system that comprises of many sensors including the following:

  • Motion detectors
  • Fire & smoke detectors
  • Door/Window sensors
  • Tamper sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Flood sensors

If any of the sensors are activated, signals are sent to the central monitoring station through communication lines. Advanced systems can also make use of backup transmission systems that can come of use in case the primary communication channel fails.

How Does the Response System Work?

When a central station receives a signal from your control panel, the monitoring team gets alerted. You will immediately receive a call from them to confirm the emergency. In case of no response from your side, the personnel will call the appropriate agency to send a dispatch. Based on the type of security systems you may have, the confirmation call routine may be bypassed. Such systems can trigger silent alarms so that the intruders may not disable the system.

Your security system will send out two key types of information to the alarm monitoring station. This includes the type of sensor activated and your account details. There are emergencies that can be too complicated or serious for you to handle yourself. You may need different types of services including fire, law enforcement or medical help. Choosing an alarm monitoring service can be an efficient and effective way to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones or employees.

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