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Cash in Transit

What are the Benefits of Hiring Cash in Transit Services?

When a business involves cash handling, it is going to need assistance for cash transit. If your commercial activities require such a service, you can hire the services of a cash in transit company. Such a service helps you in moving cash in armored transportation. In fact, even individuals can avail such services for moving different types of financial instruments like money, coins, securities, and bullion. Such companies provide a wide range of services including protecting the assets during transportation or servicing ATMs.

The goal of Cash in Transit Companies

Cash in transit companies are focused on transporting your money with the highest level of safety. A quality service provider regularly reviews its security processes and makes changes. So its goal is to not just protect your cash or financial instruments, but also to stay up-to-date with their security procedures.

How do Cash in Transit Services Work?

Cash transit services are provided in unmarked or armoured vehicles. The guards may or may not carry firearms based on the potential threats involved. Some of the key aspects of a cash-in-transit service are as follows:

  • The pick-up and delivery times and the routes are changed to increase security and unpredictability
  • Special procedures are laid out for accidents or vehicle breakdowns
  • Procedures are laid out to monitor the cash
  • Policies are created to reduce the volume of cash handled at one time
  • Regular inspection of safety equipment and vehicles
  • Regular maintenance of vehicles to prevent breakdowns
  • Follow proper procedures for hold-ups

Such a company inspects the routes and makes changes to eliminate any room for prediction. Any potential risks of slips or trips at the pick-up or delivery site are checked to prevent the security team from becoming vulnerable. The sites and routes are also inspected for areas where potential attackers may hide. Part of the service is to verify and check the IDs, keys, and codes used for access.


No matter the size of your business operations, if you receive cash payments, you will need to transport it safely. There are many benefits of choosing the services of a cash-in-transit company.

  • Your staff will no longer have to travel to the bank. This can help increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Prevent attacks on your staff when moving cash to the bank.
  • You can create customised schedules for collections. This can help reduce costs whilst increasing safety.

Such a service can also help build better credibility amongst your clients and business stakeholders.

So cash in transit services are quite beneficial to businesses of different sizes and types. It is important to choose a company that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured such as Watchdog Security. It should have an excellent reputation and history of positive track record. They should be able to provide a bespoke service to keep your money safe from pick-up to delivery. They should also be able to adjust to the seasonal changes in your cash collection. And they should be able to plan everything whilst keeping the costs low.

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