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Almost all businesses need to handle cash on a regular basis. Unless your business accepts payments solely in the form of credit cards or EFTPOS, you will have to transport cash to the bank and between your different branches from time to time. If you are not managing your cash handling operations in a professional manner, it is highly likely that your business is suffering. Efficient cash management procedures help your business operate at its optima level. It also adds critical elements of safety and security.

How We Can Help?

Using a professional cash management service is an effective way to make your business more efficient and minimise potential risks. We can help you with total cash handling and transportation services if your business has the following needs:

  • If large amounts of cash are involved
  • If cash needs to be transported on a regular basis
  • If cash has to be transported across long distances
  • If there is high crime rate in the area where cash has to be transported

We will work closely with your staff to assess the potential risks, create, and implement essential control measures. Some of the key aspects of our procedures include varying cash collection and transportation times, varying transportation routes, and confirming identification of the security guards involved.

How We Minimise Cash Handling Risks?

The following proven cash management measures are used by our professional team to minimise cash handling risks:

Use of Cash

  • The cash levels are kept low
  • Encouraging the use of cashless transactions (EFTPOS and credit cards)
  • Worker payments are encouraged through check or direct credit

Cash Register

  • Cash register is positioned away from the front door
  • Cash register is opened only when in use
  • Cash drawer is closed before the merchandise is packaged
  • Keeping the cash drawer locked when not in use
  • Install audible system that alerts when the drawer is opened
  • Clearing excess cash from the register on a random basis
  • Leaving the register empty at night-time

Moving & Counting

  • Using a strong cash box for moving cash
  • Have multiple workers present at the time of cash collection to keep a lookout
  • Move cash only during low risk times
  • Counting cash in a secure room that is far from public areas

We can also make recommendations for your business layout to make it more secure. We also make suggestions on installation of security devices.

Benefits of Hiring Our Services

Our cash management services provide you with the following benefits:

  • Save Valuable Time: Our cash handling and transport services mean that you don’t have to commit your staff to handle cash in-house or during cash-transit to the bank.
  • Increased Security: Having armed security guards at all stages of cash handling can deter potential thieves from taking chances. The presence of our guards also increases the safety of your staff at all points where cash is involved.
  • Customise Your Schedule: Customised schedule can help businesses reduce costs. With our services, you can create a schedule that makes it more efficient for your staff to collect and transport cash.

Thus, there are many different ways in which our cash management can help your business.