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Process Serving

What is It & What are Its Benefits?

Process serving involves giving legal notice to a party who is required to respond to a proceeding in a court, tribunal, or government agency. The notice includes court documents like Summons, Plaintiff Claims, Statements of Claim, and other legal documents. Whilst most documents need to be served personally, others can be served at the place of residence or employment of the party.

So how does it work, what documents are involved, and what are the benefits of seeking such services? Find out these details in this guide that explains the basics of this part of the legal system.

Documents Served

Process serving involves the delivery of a wide range of legal documents. These can include summons for appearing in courts, writs, and formal complaints. This job can go beyond serving legal documents. Their services may also be required in assisting with filing documents in court, tracking defendants, and retrieving documents.

The different types of documents that can be involved in such a service include the following:

  • Subpoenas
  • Statement of claim
  • Summons
  • Summons to witness
  • Judgments
  • Complaints
  • Originating documents
  • Writs of garnishment
  • Termination of tenancy forms
  • Motion records
  • Small claims
  • Notice of application
  • Affidavits
  • Application for divorce
  • Financial statements
  • Notice of contempt
  • Application records
  • Plaintiff’s claim

Benefits of Using Process Serving Services

There are many situations where the services of process servers can prove to be crucial. Some of these scenarios are described as follows:

  • The rules for serving court documents are complex. You can seek the services of process servers without even being an attorney.
  • In using process serving services, you don’t have to confront the party you will be suing in the court.
  • You are able to serve documents to a party even if they don’t want to get found
  • You want to ensure the proper serving of legal documents to prevent any potential issues with the lawsuit
  • It may be required to serve multiple defendants. Professional process servers can ensure timely serving to prevent collusion and defendants hiding to prevent being served.

There are many other scenarios where process serving can prove to be of crucial importance to your case. Professional process servers have knowledge of the current rules that govern service of legal documents. There are rules related to the days and time of day when legal documents can be served. Otherwise, the serving can be deemed invalid, thus affecting your case.

When it comes to process serving, things can be quite complicated. For example, if you try to serve someone at their residence and they don’t open the door, it is not considered proper document serving. Process servers have years of experience in overcoming such hurdles. They have the network and resources to find the parties in question and serve them properly. Thus, there are many reasons why you should seek the help of professional such as Watchdog Security for serving documents.

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