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How We Can Help You With Your Cash Management?

How We Can Help You With Your Cash Management?

Almost all businesses need to handle cash on a regular basis. Unless your business accepts payments solely in the form of credit cards or EFTPOS, you will have to transport cash to the bank and between your different branches from time to time. If you are not managing your cash handling operations in a professional manner, it is highly likely that your business is suffering. Efficient cash management procedures help your business operate at its optima level. It also adds critical elements of safety and security.

How We Can Help?

Using a professional cash management service is an effective way to make your business more efficient and minimise potential risks. We can help you with total cash handling and transportation services if your business has the following needs:

  • If large amounts of cash are involved
  • If cash needs to be transported on a regular basis
  • If cash has to be transported across long distances
  • If there is high crime rate in the area where cash has to be transported

We will work closely with your staff to assess the potential risks, create, and implement essential control measures. Some of the key aspects of our procedures include varying cash collection and transportation times, varying transportation routes, and confirming identification of the security guards involved.

How We Minimise Cash Handling Risks?

The following proven cash management measures are used by our professional team to minimise cash handling risks:

Use of Cash

  • The cash levels are kept low
  • Encouraging the use of cashless transactions (EFTPOS and credit cards)
  • Worker payments are encouraged through check or direct credit

Cash Register

  • Cash register is positioned away from the front door
  • Cash register is opened only when in use
  • Cash drawer is closed before the merchandise is packaged
  • Keeping the cash drawer locked when not in use
  • Install audible system that alerts when the drawer is opened
  • Clearing excess cash from the register on a random basis
  • Leaving the register empty at night-time

Moving & Counting

  • Using a strong cash box for moving cash
  • Have multiple workers present at the time of cash collection to keep a lookout
  • Move cash only during low risk times
  • Counting cash in a secure room that is far from public areas

We can also make recommendations for your business layout to make it more secure. We also make suggestions on installation of security devices.

Benefits of Hiring Our Services

Our cash management services provide you with the following benefits:

  • Save Valuable Time: Our cash handling and transport services mean that you don’t have to commit your staff to handle cash in-house or during cash-transit to the bank.
  • Increased Security: Having armed security guards at all stages of cash handling can deter potential thieves from taking chances. The presence of our guards also increases the safety of your staff at all points where cash is involved.
  • Customise Your Schedule: Customised schedule can help businesses reduce costs. With our services, you can create a schedule that makes it more efficient for your staff to collect and transport cash.

Thus, there are many different ways in which our cash management can help your business.

Investigator Services: How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

Investigator Services: How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

Investigator Services: How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

Insurance policies are considered crucial safeguards against unexpected incidents. It works as a guarantee against the losses incurred from accidents and life-changing events. They help people protect their assets, potential loss of income, and protect their loved ones’ future too. Car insurance helps in offsetting the loss due to the wide range of damages caused in a car accident. However, not all car insurance claims are genuine and sometimes fraudulent cases are involved. This is where a private Investigator services play the key role in helping you determine whether a claim is genuine or not.

Car Insurance Fraud

Most often, people can stage car accidents where a collision is purposefully done with another vehicle. Sometimes, people can even get run over by a vehicle to place the blame on the driver and make claim against their insurance. Sometimes, claimants make false claims of their vehicle getting stolen.

How Can Investigator Services Help?

Insurance fraud can often seem to be tempting to individuals and they can feel that they will never get caught. Insurance companies are obliged to detect and prevent fraud for two very important reasons:

  • Protecting their business
  • Continue servicing policy holders

Private Investigator services can get the facts behind a claim whenever an insurance company finds a claim to be suspicious. Their job is to gather all the relevant evidence and create a report that confirms or disproves the claim. If fraudulence is found, the evidence gathered by the investigator is used in a court trial.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

Some of the different ways in which your company can benefit from hiring Investigator services are as follows:

  • Quicker Resolutions: When it comes to fraud, there is a very small window in which you can prove it. There has to be convincing proof, else your company will have to pay for the claims. An investigator can examine the claim and carry out quick investigation, saving your company valuable resources.
  • Gather Valid Evidence: Once you are suspicious of a claim and want to challenge it in a court of law, it will be required to back your suspicions with valid evidence. Experienced investigators know the kind of proof that can stand up in a court. They can gather all the relevant and effective evidence required to convince the judge that the claim is fraudulent beyond any doubt.
  • Identify Habitual Insurance Fraudsters: Once someone is successfully able to make a fraud insurance claim, it is highly likely that they will repeat the offense. Such people can habitually place fraud claims and need to be identified, stopped, and punished. Your company could already be making lots of losses because of such habitual insurance fraudsters. Hiring private Investigator services can help in identifying and punishing such people.

Thus, there are many benefits of hiring car insurance Investigator services. Such professionals can carry out the investigation discreetly and gather all the required information to get the fraudsters punished. Hiring such a service can also go a long way in preventing losses to your business.

Process Serving

Process Serving

Process Serving

What is It & What are Its Benefits?

Process serving involves giving legal notice to a party who is required to respond to a proceeding in a court, tribunal, or government agency. The notice includes court documents like Summons, Plaintiff Claims, Statements of Claim, and other legal documents. Whilst most documents need to be served personally, others can be served at the place of residence or employment of the party.

So how does it work, what documents are involved, and what are the benefits of seeking such services? Find out these details in this guide that explains the basics of this part of the legal system.

Documents Served

Process serving involves the delivery of a wide range of legal documents. These can include summons for appearing in courts, writs, and formal complaints. This job can go beyond serving legal documents. Their services may also be required in assisting with filing documents in court, tracking defendants, and retrieving documents.

The different types of documents that can be involved in such a service include the following:

  • Subpoenas
  • Statement of claim
  • Summons
  • Summons to witness
  • Judgments
  • Complaints
  • Originating documents
  • Writs of garnishment
  • Termination of tenancy forms
  • Motion records
  • Small claims
  • Notice of application
  • Affidavits
  • Application for divorce
  • Financial statements
  • Notice of contempt
  • Application records
  • Plaintiff’s claim

Benefits of Using Process Serving Services

There are many situations where the services of process servers can prove to be crucial. Some of these scenarios are described as follows:

  • The rules for serving court documents are complex. You can seek the services of process servers without even being an attorney.
  • In using process serving services, you don’t have to confront the party you will be suing in the court.
  • You are able to serve documents to a party even if they don’t want to get found
  • You want to ensure the proper serving of legal documents to prevent any potential issues with the lawsuit
  • It may be required to serve multiple defendants. Professional process servers can ensure timely serving to prevent collusion and defendants hiding to prevent being served.

There are many other scenarios where process serving can prove to be of crucial importance to your case. Professional process servers have knowledge of the current rules that govern service of legal documents. There are rules related to the days and time of day when legal documents can be served. Otherwise, the serving can be deemed invalid, thus affecting your case.

When it comes to process serving, things can be quite complicated. For example, if you try to serve someone at their residence and they don’t open the door, it is not considered proper document serving. Process servers have years of experience in overcoming such hurdles. They have the network and resources to find the parties in question and serve them properly. Thus, there are many reasons why you should seek the help of professional such as Watchdog Security for serving documents.

Looking for Process Serving Services? Contact WatchDog today.

Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring

What are the Benefits of Alarm Monitoring Services?

Alarm monitoring service is a must-have for every residential and commercial building. It is beneficial in increasing the resident’s safety and protecting the building from any potential damages. It involves instant communication between your building’s security system and a central station of the company providing security and monitoring services. The security company, once alerted, is going to take appropriate steps that can involve notifying the right authorities and initiating proper response to the type of alarm. Let’s explore how this service works.

Alarm Monitoring Centre

The central monitoring station of your security company monitors different types of alarms including fire, burglar, and other residential alarm systems.  Such an agency can also provide you with patrol services. The agency makes use of various communication technologies to monitor your security systems. They will alert the right authorities if there is an alarm. When choosing the right company, it is important to look for those which have been certified by independent organisations that have strict compliance requirements.

When choosing an alarm monitoring service, consider these points:

  • They follow all the industry standard regulations
  • They provide higher levels and range of services
  • They are not owned by companies that may have a conflict of interest with you or your company (if you are a business)
  • Automated alarm monitoring stations should adhere to the latest data and privacy regulations for storing and processing your data

Technical Aspects of Alarm Monitoring

The technical aspects can vary from one security service provider to another. However, the fundamentals of alarm monitoring are mostly same in a residential security system. The control panel is at the hub of a system that comprises of many sensors including the following:

  • Motion detectors
  • Fire & smoke detectors
  • Door/Window sensors
  • Tamper sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Flood sensors

If any of the sensors are activated, signals are sent to the central monitoring station through communication lines. Advanced systems can also make use of backup transmission systems that can come of use in case the primary communication channel fails.

How Does the Response System Work?

When a central station receives a signal from your control panel, the monitoring team gets alerted. You will immediately receive a call from them to confirm the emergency. In case of no response from your side, the personnel will call the appropriate agency to send a dispatch. Based on the type of security systems you may have, the confirmation call routine may be bypassed. Such systems can trigger silent alarms so that the intruders may not disable the system.

Your security system will send out two key types of information to the alarm monitoring station. This includes the type of sensor activated and your account details. There are emergencies that can be too complicated or serious for you to handle yourself. You may need different types of services including fire, law enforcement or medical help. Choosing an alarm monitoring service can be an efficient and effective way to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones or employees.

Watchdog Security can provide Alarm Monitoring Services within Goulburn, Crookwell, Marulan and other areas.

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Patrol & Alarm Response

Patrol & Alarm Response

Patrol & Alarm Response

What are the Benefits of Patrol & Alarm Response Services?

As the crime rate continues to increase, homeowners and business owners resort to different types of security systems. Mobile patrol and alarm response have been proven to be some of the most effective ways to prevent criminal activities. Both these services help in addressing many issues and creating a safer and secure environment in different types of settings. Let’s talk about how these services work and how they can benefit you.

Mobile Patrol Services

The main goal of a patrol officer is to prevent any potential criminal activities. They will also report any kind of suspicious activities and conditions whilst patrolling. The various kinds of conditions can include:

  • Damages to property
  • Unsecured doors
  • Lights that may be out

A patrol officer can also respond to alarms, which can help reduce the need for calling law enforcement or fire department. A patrol company can also provide after-hours services while you are away from your home and business.

Professional Patrol & Response Services

When choosing a patrol and response service, it is important to look for a professional company. Such a company has commissioned officers who patrol your area or building in professionally marked and equipped patrol vehicles. Some of the features of such services include:

  • Use of mobile communications for responding immediately
  • Providing regular after-hours patrols of the premises
  • Perimeter and door checking

Depending on your needs, you may also seek in-detail inspection.

Client Profile

All types of commercial facilities and residential settings can seek professional patrol services. This can include the following types of properties or premises:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Factories
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial buildings
  • Community associations
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Retail buildings or areas
  • Government buildings
  • Hotels
  • Religious buildings

Some services can also provide patrolling enforcement services. This can include conducting a visual inspection or even using technology to detect vehicles that may not have the permission for parking on the property.

Alarm Response Services

Some companies provide alarm response services in addition to their patrolling your premises. This can include dispatching not just police, but also their own patrol agent in case a burglar alarm activates. A burglar alarm going off has increasingly become a low priority alert for law enforcement in many areas because of the shortfall in resources. In addition, law enforcement agencies are increasingly charging higher fees for responding to false alarms. This makes it more beneficial and cost-effective to choose a professional alarm response agency.

Vacation Monitoring

Some agencies also provide vacation monitoring and alarm response services. This means that you will be able to go on vacations without worrying about your property. The range of services can also include safety checks and daily mail and newspaper pick-up.

In addition to these range of security and response services, some patrol and alarm response companies also go a step further. You can have an agent be present at your home or business place at the time of arrival or departure. This can especially make you feel safe if you return home late or at any other time when you want to take additional precautions.

Talk to Watchdog Security today about how can provide you with Patrol & alarm response services for your home or business.

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Cash in transit

Cash in transit

Cash in Transit

What are the Benefits of Hiring Cash in Transit Services?

When a business involves cash handling, it is going to need assistance for cash transit. If your commercial activities require such a service, you can hire the services of a cash in transit company. Such a service helps you in moving cash in armored transportation. In fact, even individuals can avail such services for moving different types of financial instruments like money, coins, securities, and bullion. Such companies provide a wide range of services including protecting the assets during transportation or servicing ATMs.

The goal of Cash in Transit Companies

Cash in transit companies are focused on transporting your money with the highest level of safety. A quality service provider regularly reviews its security processes and makes changes. So its goal is to not just protect your cash or financial instruments, but also to stay up-to-date with their security procedures.

How do Cash in Transit Services Work?

Cash transit services are provided in unmarked or armoured vehicles. The guards may or may not carry firearms based on the potential threats involved. Some of the key aspects of a cash-in-transit service are as follows:

  • The pick-up and delivery times and the routes are changed to increase security and unpredictability
  • Special procedures are laid out for accidents or vehicle breakdowns
  • Procedures are laid out to monitor the cash
  • Policies are created to reduce the volume of cash handled at one time
  • Regular inspection of safety equipment and vehicles
  • Regular maintenance of vehicles to prevent breakdowns
  • Follow proper procedures for hold-ups

Such a company inspects the routes and makes changes to eliminate any room for prediction. Any potential risks of slips or trips at the pick-up or delivery site are checked to prevent the security team from becoming vulnerable. The sites and routes are also inspected for areas where potential attackers may hide. Part of the service is to verify and check the IDs, keys, and codes used for access.


No matter the size of your business operations, if you receive cash payments, you will need to transport it safely. There are many benefits of choosing the services of a cash-in-transit company.

  • Your staff will no longer have to travel to the bank. This can help increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Prevent attacks on your staff when moving cash to the bank.
  • You can create customised schedules for collections. This can help reduce costs whilst increasing safety.

Such a service can also help build better credibility amongst your clients and business stakeholders.

So cash in transit services are quite beneficial to businesses of different sizes and types. It is important to choose a company that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured such as Watchdog Security. It should have an excellent reputation and history of positive track record. They should be able to provide a bespoke service to keep your money safe from pick-up to delivery. They should also be able to adjust to the seasonal changes in your cash collection. And they should be able to plan everything whilst keeping the costs low.

How We Can Help You With Your Cash Management?

Almost all businesses need to handle cash on a regular basis. Unless your business accepts payments solely in the form of credit cards or EFTPOS, you will have to transport cash to the bank and between your different branches from time to time. If you are not managing...

Process Serving

Process ServingWhat is It & What are Its Benefits?Process serving involves giving legal notice to a party who is required to respond to a proceeding in a court, tribunal, or government agency. The notice includes court documents like Summons, Plaintiff Claims,...

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